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Indoor Air Quality - What Does Indoor Air Quality Have To Do With Carpet Cleaning?

Indoor Air Quality - What Does Indoor Air Quality Have To Do With Carpet Cleaning?

Indoor Air Pollution and Personal Injury

Three different categories of injury can arise from indoor air pollution. While these can include Building Related Illness and the most recently categorized Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, the most well-known and documented diagnosis is probably Sick Building Syndrome.

The most important fact to note with respect to any of these personal injuries is that Worker Compensation claims related to poor indoor air quality are on the rise.

But now you have the knowledge to improve the quality of the indoor air in your building. Just remember those results from the Environmental Protection Agency: Carpet cleaning made the indoor environment a healthier place, reduced biological contamination, reduced gas phase organics, and reduced the microscopic particles we would otherwise breathe.

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Carpet as a Filter

Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conclude that indoor air may have anywhere from 2 times to 100 times the pollutants found in outside air, and with people spending as much as 90% of their time indoors, the EPA finds "INDOOR AIR POLLUTION is one of the Top Five most serious environmental problems affecting the health of humans in America".

In addition, the World Health Organization finds that a full 40% of all buildings pose a "serious health hazard", due to indoor air pollution.

Your carpet acts like a giant filter to trap pollutants in its fibers, thus preventing them from reentering the air you breathe. With systematic cleaning, indoor air quality is improved; yet when neglected, carpet can become an incubator for bio-contaminates and pollutants.

Clean First for Health

The EPA, along with the Research Triangle Institute, tested the effects of carpet cleaning upon the indoor air quality. Results emphatically concluded that carpet cleaning made the indoor environment healthier, reduced gas phase organics, and reduced both biological contamination and microscopic particles.

In fact, properly maintained carpet can provide higher quality air than hard surface floors, which have no way to "trap" dust, bacteria, or pollutants. Instead, air movement from fans, air conditioners, or even people walking, cause these contaminates to continue to recirculate in our breathing zones over tile or other hard surfaces.

What this means for you, your employees and your customers is simple. Regular cleaning of your carpets by an experienced and properly trained professional does more than improve the appearance of the carpet; it makes your indoor air quality safer and healthier. Remember, the Carpet and Rug Institute, the EPA, and the IICRC Carpet Cleaning Standards S100 all state that carpeting should always be cleaned first for health, and then for appearance.