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Environmentally Responsible Cleaning

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning

A typical "steam cleaning" carpet cleaner consumes over a gallon of water per minute.

To clean 1,000 square feet of carpet, a typical steam cleaner will use approximately 60 to 120 gallons of water. This means that for every minute of cleaning, a gallon of water will be removed from the municipal water supply. A variety of cleaning chemicals and solvents will be introduced to the water during the cleaning process. The water that is recovered from the carpet will thereby contain soil and contaminants from the carpet as well as a host of chemicals. This concoction of "black" water (in many cases it literally is black) will then be discharged into the municipal sewage system as "spent" water. In other words at a rate of a gallon of water per minute, clean water is consumed, contaminated, and discharged as sewage. This is an unconscionable waste of a natural resource.

We use a much more environmentally responsible approach. In recent years a cleaning innovation has emerged designed specifically for commercial carpet cleaning applications. This unique cleaning system uses minimal moisture during the carpet cleaning process. It can effectively clean 1,000 square feet of carpet with as little as three gallons of water. The carpet is deep scrubbed using an advanced technology interplanetary head cleaning system. During the cleaning process the soil becomes suspended in the cleaning solution. As the carpet dries, the soil is pulled from the fiber and is encapsulated in very fine crystal polymers. It then falls to the base of the carpet where it is extracted through normal routine vacuuming - a simple, effective, and earth friendly approach!

Only a single gallon of water is used to clean more than 300 square feet of carpet, rather than 40 gallons that a steam cleaner would use, and no waste water is discharged. Using less water to clean your carpet also contributes to quicker drying. Here's the math: if you have a 10,000 square foot facility and it is cleaned using hot water extraction methods, you will be introducing into your building more than 1,200 gallons of water, not to mention consuming that water. Only a third of this water is usually recovered as wastewater. The remainder is left in the carpet and cement under the carpet and often takes eight to twelve hours or more to evaporate. This creates a huge spike in the relative humidity of the indoor environment.

Reduced moisture and extremely fast dry times mean minimal impact to the RH (relative humidity) in the space being cleaned. Controlling the relative humidity is extremely important, because it reduces the risk of microbial activity in the indoor environment. Florida is a biogenic environment - high humidity and rainy seasons create the perfect conditions for mold growth. Therefore limiting the amount of water introduced to the structure makes good sense; it's the right thing to do for the environment. Our system is designed to improve your indoor air quality.


More than any other maintenance procedure, regular thorough vacuuming keeps your carpet looking good and performing well. Sandy, gritty soil can become trapped between the yarns, and as foot traffic compresses and moves the fibers, the sharp edges of the soil will scratch and cut the fibers. This results in premature wear and visible damage that looks like soil but can never be cleaned away. It's like using a piece of sandpaper on a mirror; no matter how clean it is, it will never reflect light the same.

Daily vacuuming is the ultimate maintenance procedure, but this is not always possible for the entire facility. Daily vacuuming needs to be done in high traffic areas and entryways leading from outside the facility. Areas that are used less frequently and are not exposed to outside soils can be vacuumed on a lighter schedule.

The type of vacuum you choose is also an important decision. We recommend vacuums with HEPA high efficiency collection bags or systems and a semi-aggressive rotating beater bar or brush, depending upon your carpet type.

We will be glad to put our experience to work in helping you select the proper vacuuming equipment for your facility, and help you design a vacuuming program that will suit the needs of your carpet and your budget.

Spot Removal

Nothing degrades the appearance of a carpet faster than spots that are left untreated. In many facilities, the spots are simply left to accumulate until it is time for regular cleaning. Spots that are not treated promptly can often become permanent stains. Most spot removers available to consumers at retail stores are harmful to your carpet and sometimes to your health. We can advise you or supply you with spotting agents that are effective and won't harm your carpet or you.