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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning presents a set of challenges that would and should frighten even the most savvy residential carpet cleaners.

Commercial carpet receives many times the foot traffic of typical residential carpet. The carpet is usually made of a synthetic blend of fibers, often a fiber called olefin, which can be very difficult to clean. It's also exposed to a litany of contaminates, including beverage spills, food, grease, tar, gum, or blood. Correcting the wide array of problems found in commercial carpet requires specialized training. If the right equipment or cleaning solution is not used, small problems can become permanent damage.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to cleaning commercial carpet. Our experienced technicians will analyze each facility's unique situation to determine which cleaning process will provide the highest quality results. This could be truck-mounted or portable hot water extraction, dry compound cleaning, bonnet cleaning, or even high flow extraction cleaning. We have both the equipment and capability to use any and all of these methods.

We have discovered through experience however, that dedicated use of our Sustainability Plan or Appearance Management Program can often delay the required restorative cleanings, in most cases by years.

Our Primary Cleaning Method

We believe the best way to keep a commercial carpet looking new is to keep it in its natural state: dry. Regular hot water extraction HWE also known as steam cleaning can leave detergents and residues in the carpet that accelerate re-soiling and degrade air quality. Since faster re-soiling means more frequent cleaning, wet cleaning can actually drive up long term cleaning and replacement costs. It can also degrade indoor air quality and produce health-related complaints, absenteeism and employee turnover.

We prefer to use an environmentally responsible minimal moisture cleaning method as our primary means of cleaning.

Our Green Cleaning system significantly decreases the amount of water introduced into your facility for the cleaning process. We use a minimal moisture cleaning system that uses only 3 gallons of water to clean a 1000 s.f. of carpet as opposed to HWE (hot water extraction) also known as steam cleaning, which uses 50 to 80 gallons of water per 1000 s.f. Our system completely eliminates contaminated waste water that is created and disposed of on your property. It also eliminates wicking (spots returning the next day or so after cleaning). Our low moisture process usually dries in less than an hour. There is virtually no chance of microbial activity (mold) associated with the 8-12 hour or more extended dry time for HWE.

The portable equipment we own is the best most state-of-the-art portable equipment in the industry. We use European shampoo machines designed specifically for commercial carpet cleaning. These portables clean more efficiently and more effectively than portable or truck mounted HWE equipment on commercial grade carpet and leave your carpets cleaner for longer periods.

Our specially formulated cleaning solution is made specifically for commercial carpet maintenance. This formulation is deep penetrating, requires no rinsing, eliminates wicking, and prevents recurring spill stains. It is safe for all types of synthetic carpet fiber, most wool, and any other fiber that can be exposed to water. The fluoro-protector ingredient will leave carpet more soil resistant, without a sticky residue that attracts soil. It also contains Australian Tea Tree Oil, which has wonderful sanitizing properties, and will leave a mild and fresh, clean, healthy scent.

This is a truly green cleaning system. The only ingredient required to be listed on an MSDS is isopropyl alcohol, and that evaporates away almost immediately. Our specialized equipment allows us to clean between 9,000s.f. and 12,000sf.of open hallways per hour, providing our customers with production rates that are three to five times faster than any traditional equipment and cleaning methods. It cleans more effectively in far less time and its more economical than HWE. It does all this with the least environmental impact on the building and the earth!

Low Moisture cleaning also leaves only 1/20th the carbon foot print of HWE.

Our customized professional programs and services ensure your company has its best foot forward. Your image nurtures a positive perception that affects your business. Floor Care Solutions understands this connection and has provided quality, reliable commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services to businesses throughout Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and the neighboring Keys since 1999.

We provide these cleaning services throughout Casey Key, Siesta Key, Bird Key, Lido Key, St. Armands, Longboat Key, Palmer Ranch, Lakewood Ranch, University Park, and the surrounding communities of Sarasota, Bradenton and Venice.