Look for the IICRC logo when choosing a carpet and textile cleaning service provider.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is an international, independent, non-profit certifying body. It promotes high standards and ethics; while advancing communication and technical proficiency within the inspection, cleaning and restoration service industry.

The IICRC writes the industry standards and guidelines for the Carpet and Textile Cleaning & Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Structural Drying and Mold Remediation industries.

When you select an IICRC-Certified firm, you can be confident that an experienced, qualified professional is caring for your valuable furnishings. In addition, all IICRC-Certified Technicians pledge to conduct business honestly, always making customer needs the priority.

IICRC-Certified firms employ technicians who have received Certifications in many cleaning and restoration categories. Designations are earned through study, field experience, and successful completion of college-level written examinations.

IICRC Certification cannot simply be purchased. A Certified Firm qualifies by meeting rigorous standards of business ethics and expertise. In addition, they are required to earn continuing education (CE) credits to maintain the Certified Firm status.

Certified Technicians spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to earn their professional designations. The Journeymen designation often requires several years of proven training and field experience. The Master designation is even more rigorous and is the highest professional designation in the industry. Less than 2% of all Certified Technicians ever achieve this prestigious designation.

IICRC-Certified firms are your best choice because:

They are committed to provide cleaning and restoration services based on the highest standard of honesty and integrity.

They pledge to carry adequate liability insurance, and to implement quality assurance programs.

Their knowledge of cleaning and restoration is respected and recognized internationally by fiber producers, carpet and fabric manufacturers, and insurance company representatives.