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Floor Care Solutions is very organized; they provide detailed quotes, they recommend a timetable for cleaning and they remind us when the next cleaning time is approaching. Their staff is professional and courteous and the carpets and fabrics look great.

Robert Papazian - The Field Club


The Jackson Hewitt Sarasota Offices have been on your unique "sustainability program" since 2006 when the facility was brand new. Your monthly spot and spill service, along with the cleaning of our entire facility twice a year not only keeps our carpets looking clean despite lots of employees and heavy foot traffic, but actuall extended the life of our carpets. For the most part, our carpets look almost new 8 years later! We had no idea that kind of longevity for carpets was possible.

Tim Bechtold - Jackson Hewitt Tax Service


When you first suggested we set up a routine cleaning schedule I was skeptical. (You know if it's not broke don't fix it). Let's just say I have learned my lesson. Just like with anything else preventative maintenance is the key to keeping our business clean and healthy.

Jeanne Jannelli - Sarasota Cardiovasular Group


We would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful service that you have provided to our company over the past decade. From the expert carpet cleaning services to the emergency sewer back-up calls, you have been reliable, knowledgeable, and an incredible resource for chemical free and environmentally friendly solutions, both of which are of major importance to our company.

Kimberly Perkins - Elysian Fields


They truly understand the commercial built environment. Their programs are designed to extend the service life or our floor coverings and upholstery while improving the indoor air quality of the facility. They do just that! All of our properties are on sustainability programs. We have seen the benefit of sustainability planning and been rewarded with extended service life of our floor coverings.

Gavin Meshad - JWM Management, Inc.


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