Environmentally Responsible Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Floor Care Solutions provides environmentally responsible Commercial Carpet and Textile Cleaning. Delivered in the fastest, least intrusive, most user friendly manner.

Our minimal moisture system provides unparallel drying times allowing access to freshly cleaned carpeted areas in as little as an hour. Our process is designed to minimize environmental impact indoors as well as outdoors. 

A typical “steam cleaning” carpet cleaner consumes over a gallon of water per minute. To clean 1,000 square feet of carpet a typical steam cleaner will use approximately 120 gallons of water. This means that every minute that cleaning is performed; a gallon of water will be removed from the municipal water supply. A variety of cleaning chemicals and solvents will be introduced to the water during the cleaning process. The water that’s recovered from the carpet will thereby contain soil and contaminants from the carpet as well as a host of chemicals. This concoction of “black” water, (in many cases it literally is black) will then be discharged into the municipal sewage system as “spent” water. In other words at a rate of a gallon of water per minute, clean water is consumed, contaminated, and discharged as sewage. What a waste of a natural resource. 



There is a more environmentally acceptable approach. For the past five years we have used a unique cleaning system employing a new encapsulation technology. This technology is used to capture soil during the carpet cleaning process. This cleaning system can effectively clean 300 square feet of carpet with a single gallon of water. After the carpet dries the soil will then be extracted through normal routine vacuuming. A simple, safe, effective, and earth friendly approach!

Only a single gallon of water gets used to clean 300 square feet of carpet, rather than 40 gallons that a steam cleaner would use. Using less water to clean your carpet also contributes to quicker drying. In Florida where high humidity exists there is a growing problem of mold in the indoor environment. The high volume of water consumed increases the relative humidity and can negatively effect Indoor air quality.   

Therefore limiting the amount of water introduced to the structure makes good sense. 

You’ve probably heard the old adage to “wait as long as you can before you clean your new carpet because it will re-soil more quickly after it gets cleaned”. Unfortunately that has been true. Until now! In the past, carpet detergent residues that often remained in the carpet would attract soil after it was cleaned. This condition can’t occur with our polymeric cleaning agent. The brittle crystallized polymer can’t attract soil, it actually repels soil. So, carpets typically stay clean longer. 

We feel that it’s our responsibility to provide you with an environmentally stable cleaning system; when ever possible. Not only is this cleaning system better for the planet, it’s also better for your carpet. All of this adds up to a terrific looking carpet that you can enjoy day-in day-out. We can schedule a free demo for you at your earliest convenience. 

We take pride in the fact that our cleaning system is good for you, good for your carpet and good for the earth. The same time it has the least impact on our planet. We’re happy to offer this service and we sincerely hope that more cleaners around the world will adopt this sensible approach.